The Eternal Traveler – South America Edition

My family has always referred to me as “the eternal traveler.” This is mainly due because I have been fortunate to have been able to do a lot of traveling at a young age. So, if you ever get the chance to take a trip to South America, Peru is a destination that you will want to add to your list. A few years ago, I had the privilege of spending ten days or so in Peru, and I had a fantastic time! This was my first time being in South America, and I found it to be a destination that everyone should have on their bucket list! Being able to see the different cultures that they have is what made this trip one of the best I’ve ever been on.

Arrival in Lima

The first couple of days were spent in Lima, which is the Capitol of Peru and a very bustling metropolitan type of city with many of the same things you would find in the United States. I spent these two days exploring what Lima has to offer in terms of food and drink and spending time at the beach before I started my kaleidoscope journey further South!


The next stop, Nazca. I’m sure you’ve heard of the Nazca Lines. These are large, nearly perfect, formations in the ground of various animals and extremely long lines, which some say resemble runways. There is a lot of mystery in how these lines were created; I had to put an aerial tour on my itinerary! I have to admit, when you see these for yourself, you can’t help but wonder how they were formed. Similar to crop circles that we hear about in other parts of the world, did aliens create them?

There are many different theories oh how the lines got there, but regardless they are impressive to see for yourself. Also, while I was in Nazca, I experienced a sandstorm as I’ve never witnessed before. It was a total blackout! I had sand in everything of mine, and I mean everything! However, the next day was bright and beautiful, so I spend some time at the beach, watching fishers throw nets into the water and pulling in fish by the net full. Nazca itself isn’t a huge city, nor is it as modern as Lima, but it has a different kind of beauty.

Side note, did you know that Guinea Pig is considered a delicacy in Peru? Nope, neither did I until it was served, head and all, at one of the markets. I’ll leave that food review for you to find out for yourself!

The Eternal Traveler and the City of Cusco

Then, it was off to Cusco and Machu Pichu! This was the highlight that I was looking for this trip! When you think of Peru, Machu Pichu is what many associate with the country. Cusco is enriched in its Inca Heritage, which you can still see today. I took the most serene train ride through the mountains on the way to Machu Pichu that I’d recommend to everybody! The train had a glass ceiling so that you could take in all of the views! Anything less than stunning is doing it an injustice. The same goes for Machu Pichu! As you walk around the ancient site, you can’t help but be in awe. There is nothing else like it in the world!

Skiers Peak, Ready to Ride

You see, being the eternal traveler that I am, I always something on my list. The next time I go back, though, I’m going to be a bit more adventurous and hike up the backside of Machu Pichu and see it from a different angle at a higher elevation. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that altitude sickness could happen, so that’s something to consider looking into before heading down. Machu Pichu is at roughly 8,000 feet above sea level, so you could start to feel some symptoms. No worries, if you do, Peruvians have a natural remedy to help with that! How about some tea brewed with cocoa leaves? Not like chocolate, but the white powdery substance…

Lake Titicaca

My last stop in Peru before heading back to Lima was Lake Titicaca. This is the highest lake in the world at over 13,000 feet above sea level! I have to admit; I started to feel some symptoms of altitude sickness after I got done with a run up a mountain just outside of my hotel. Not to worry, though, I had some tea fix me right up!

The next day was spend all day on the lake learning about how people make floating islands that they live on in the lake. They live a rather primitive life of fishing, repairing their island, and other essential duties needed to keep things afloat. One thing I didn’t know until being there was that Lake Titicaca shares a border with Bolivia and sometimes causes issues because of the actual location of the border. The lake serves as a vital necessity for those living in the area as a means of food and transportation.

I will forever be considered the eternal traveler, it’s in my veins!

In closing, the time went by so fast in Peru, and I still have a few remaining items on my bucket list line Rainbow Mountain! It looks so amazing in photos that I have to go back to see how incredible it is for myself! Be sure to tell me what you think of Peru and give suggestions on other bucket-list destinations below! Talk to you soon!

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