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The original Leupold Optics “Freedom RDS” (Red Dot Sight) was introduced only a year ago in 2019 with the iconic gold ring around it. Leupold Scopes have bee in high demand after a lot of customer feedback and requests for a surprisingly more plain and sleek appearing optic Leupold has responded with the Freedom RDS Black Ring! There are a few updated features to it aside from the aesthetic change that shooters will hopefully appreciate.

The Freedom RDS Black Ring features a crisp 1 MOA red dot, on its medium brightness setting you get over 1,000 hours of battery life, and it includes a mount that is the optimal height for AR-style rifles. Some of the other key features to this red dot sight can be read below as presented by Leupold Optics:

  • Tactical Black Ring – New black ring design for a sleeker look on AR-style platforms.
  • BDC Model – Designed to function just like Leupold’s popular CDS (Custom Dial System), the BDC elevation turret makes longer shots a whole lot easier. Once you’ve zeroed your rifle, you’ll be able to reset the dial and then make shot adjustments in yards rather than MOA. So, if your target is 500 yards away, simply turn the dial to 5 and aim dead on.

  • Motion Sensor Technology (MST) – 1-MOA Red Dot with Motion Sensor Technology (MST). MST turns the illumination off after five minutes of inactivity and turns it back on at the first detection of motion.

  • AR Style Mount – Featuring a 34mm main tube, the Freedom RDS comes with a mount that sits at the optimal sight height for AR-style rifles. That said, you can remove the provided mount and use any 34mm rings instead.

Leupold Scopes – Freedom Series

Currently, there are plans to produce a 2nd version of the Freedom RDS Black Ring featuring capped precision ¼-MOA click adjustments and it will not include the mount. It is a standard 34mm tube diameter so shooters can use typical 34mm rings or a one-piece mount similar to what it ships with right now. The 3 different permutations of the Black Ring that people can now buy are listed below:

With 3 different options for gun enthusiasts to pick from that should satisfy most people’s wants for outfitting their modern sporting rifle and other similar firearms in need to an optic. These are all currently viewable on the Leupold website and available to order through your local dealer. Leupold goes on to further explain this re-engineered optic:

The RDS is a premium red dot and is perfect for anyone who values performance. It is designed, machined, and assembled in our factory in Beaverton, Oregon. So, when our core consumers asked for a ‘Black Ring’ version, we responded quickly and in a way that only a true American manufacturer can.

Tim Lesser, Vice President of Product Development

So, once again Leupold Scopes has given the people what they wanted. A more sleek and subtle red dot sight by eliminating the iconic gold ring plus a few upgraded features. The last question that remains is what do you think? Would you be willing to pay roughly $500 for one of these and place it on your AR-15? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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