The mission for Outward Outdoors is to inspire creativity and spark the adventurer inside all of us by sharing uplifting stories.  

Greetings and welcome to Outward Outdoors! My name is Nich, the man behind the stories you see here. So a little about me, I grew up living the country life in a small town called Eagle, Nebraska. I spent my childhood being outside with my dad. Wherever he went, I went also. He showed me everything a guy needed to know about being an outdoorsman. We hunted and fished just about everything you can imagine.

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Between all of the lessons, I learned a whole lot of skills such as basic auto maintenance [along with some new vocabulary] and woodworking. I could go on and on with everything that I learned from my father and I am grateful for the time that he spent raising me the way that he did. Perhaps the most important lesson that he taught me was the value of respect. The message was simple, but the impact behind something so basic as respect goes a long way. Treat everything the way that you would want to be treated extends beyond people. Nature, firearms, animals, and other people’s belongings are not to be treated poorly for any reason.

So then when I was 18, I joined the Army and left home. I enlisted as a Military Policeman and went to K9 School soon after. My time in the Army took me all over the world and I enjoyed every minute of it! The experiences gained from serving was incredible and I hope to share some of what I’ve learned with you! I encourage you to bookmark this site and visit regularly as I continue to tell you about my journey and some things that you can apply to yourself and enhance your outdoor life.


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